Unfortunately, we pick very close to tree-ripe and have not had the best luck shipping since Covid.  We do wholesale to eastern slope, call for info.


For those of you who do not want to adopt your own tree, we off a Friends of Farm (FOF) program.  You will receive five boxes, one of each variety, for the cost of four boxes.  We are offering Large and Medium #1 Peaches:

5 boxes, 1/2 single size, each box is 5 lbs/12 Ps for $60

5 boxes, single size, each box is 10 lbs/24 Ps  for $140

5 boxes, double size, each box is 20 lbs/44 Ps  for $200

Call or email to sign up!   


$95.00 ($165 value)

You will receive 45-70 pounds of fruit - depending on variety and how much you thin. 

1.  Drive to the Farm and choose a tree.

2.  Pruning Clinics -  February.

3.  The Great Lady Bug Release!  Early June (TBD) at dusk, enjoy dinner, local wines, beers, and desserts!

4.  Thinning Clinics - May.

5.   Pick your peaches/or we will pick- July/August, depending on the variety.  

Bella Bolettino Organic Farms  Palisade, Colorado



RED HAVENS:  July 15th – August 1st, (Semi-cling)   She is our “Free Spirit Peach” and early to market! She is a bit of a teenager.  She gets a little too excited, she grows a little too fast, is a little thin-skinned but in the end, you will love her energy!  Medium to large fruit with yellow skin and abundant deep red blush, firm somewhat fibrous flesh, sweet with a citrus quality.  She is very versatile.  Great fresh, canned or frozen.

STAR FIRES:  July 20th - August 3rd, (Freestone)  She is "flashy, feisty, and juicy."  She thinks she is special and she is right!  When you open her up, she makes a dazzling star design. Brilliant red and firm with excellent travel quality.  Very sweet, good for canning, freezing, high dessert value-  great for pies.    Occasionally a few left for Peach Fest.
RED GLOBE:  August 5th - August 20th  (Freestone)   She is a "beauty queen and can be a bit of a snob."  She is a very large, round, stately peach.  Skin is highly blushed red over a golden color.  She has firm yellow flesh with an excellent sweet flavor.  Great for fresh eating, canning, or freezing.  Usually available during Peach Fest, travels well.

SUN CREST:   August 10th – 28th  (Freestone)   She is “The Girl Next Door” you will never forget! You can take her home to meet the family. Large round melting peach with a very bright red over yellow skin.  She has yellow flesh,  good texture, and she's a traveler.  Great fresh and for canning.  Always available during Peach Fest. (melting peaches have a buttery texture).
CREST HAVEN:  August 15th – 30th (Freestone)  She is our “Big & Sassy Peach.”  Drip down your chin with great juicy flavor.  She is always eaten with a napkin!  She arrives late to the party but makes quite an entrance.   Crest Haven is a golden yellow, overlayed with red.  She is great fresh as well as for freezing.  Always available during Peach Fest.