Bella Bolettino Farms  Palisade, Colorado

Bear tracks along our river trail---

This one  was about 600 pounds- Yikes!

Bella Bolettino is a family run organic peach orchard and vineyard.  Bordered by the beautiful Colorado River and nestled at the foot of Grand Mesa on the western slope of Colorado.  The farm has been in the Bolettino and Young family since 1957.   Fruit and produce are all naturally grown (organic) and we are   "Certified Naturally Grown."   We are excited to be a part of the "Agritourism in Palisade"  movement!  

​​Beaver colony on the Colorado---         25 feet from orchard and they are ignoring the trees----    So far so good!

​Bella Bolettino Farms Organic  Peaches!​

We have planted 1116  new trees - Can't wait for blossom  2018!